Our Mission

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As the Chairperson for Durham College's Black Student Alliance Network, I pledge to work relentlessly, for equity and inclusion for all the students registered with this great institution. The year 2020-2021 will see the BSAN Club taking on a new lease and pursuing new programs.  We welcome all black students and allies to be part of this movement who genuinely believe that "Success Matters" to ALL.

Our Mission

The mission of The Black Student Alliance Network Club is to provide services and programs that address the needs and concerns of all students and especially for People Of Colour. We are committed to stimulating intellectual, political, and social growth amongst our membership.


Our Vision

  • To create an atmosphere of safety, encourage relationship building, foster collaboration, and to aid Black students and their allies in continued educational endeavors.

  • To help Black students and their allies connect and/or reconnect to the larger community and to help boost confidence in students to become productive members and function within the campus environment and the community

  • To introduce members to services provided for them by Durham College and offer support services on a variety of issues.

  • To educate, teach, and encourage the University campus and the community at large regarding issues specific to black students Core Values: The conceptual framework under which our organization operates

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Durham College

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Oshawa, Ontario.

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Contact: 3658862399

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